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Tarragon Island Youth Writing Centre

For kids who love to write!

Welcome to the Tarragon Island Youth Writing Centre. This is the place to find inspiration (try some of the writing exercises), friendly advice, information about getting published, and web resources for budding authors.

This site is hosted by author, Nikki Tate. Heather Blake, the main character in the Tarragon Island novels, wants to be a writer. She's always looking for ways to get inspired and improve her writing skills. If she had a favourite website, this would be it!

Please sign the guestbook and let Nikki know what you think of this site. If you have tips to add, just let drop her a line and she'll add your suggestions, favourite websites, and writing tips.

For more information about Nikki Tate and her other books for children, visit her main website.

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No Cafes in Narnia - Book Two in the Tarragon Island Series by Nikki Tate

Trivia Question:

What real island provided the inspiration for Tarragon Island, the fictional setting of the Tarragon Island novels?

Click here to see the real island . . .

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